DCL Locksmiths & Security are Supply Nation Certified and supply, service and install to Commonwealth government project sites across Australia. Our Locksmiths are SCEC Approved allowing us to service all government departments and work in restricted government buildings and sites and can work with you and your SCEC endorsed consultant to achieve your compliance. 

DCL's Locksmiths have the following SCEC clearances:

  • SCEC Approved with Baseline, AGSV NV1 and NV2 Clearance

DCL's SCEC services include:

  • SCEC Approved Locksmiths available to work in federal government sites across Australia
  • Supply and installation of new safes
  • Locks servicing on A, B and C Class safes
  • Supply and installation of electronic key safes
  • Forced entry and full repairs of all locked out safes
  • SCEC Approved key system supply, installations and maintenance
  • SCEC Approved lock hardware installations and maintenance
  • SCEC Approved SL3 rated key systems dealer (including EVVA 4KS)

  • SCEC construction fit outs and electronic hardware installations

  • Australia wide servicing of federal government sites

Contact DCL Locksmiths & Security today for a SCEC related quote or enquiry at projects@dcls.com.au


The Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) is a standing interdepartmental committee responsible for the evaluation of security equipment for use by Australian Government departments and agencies. SCEC reports to the Attorney General’s, Protective Security Policy Committee, which was established by the Australian Government to develop and establish guidelines for protection of Australian Government resources.