DCL Locksmiths & Security are Supply Nation Certified, the highest level of Aboriginal business qualification that has been certified by Supply Nation to be majority owned by Indigenous Australians, managed by Indigenous Australians and operated by Indigenous Australians and the procurement value of DCL's services on any project will count towards Aboriginal business and employment spend.

What is Supply Nation?

Originally established as the Australian Indigenous Minority Council (AIMC) in 2009, it was then wholly Federal government financed and assisted government departments in procuring Aboriginal businesses. In 2013, it was rebranded as Supply Nation who then set about developing the Indigenous Business Directory, determining nominated businesses to be either majority Aboriginal owned, managed and operated (Supply Nation Certified) or partially Aboriginal owned (Supply Nation Registered). In 2015, the Federal Government launched the Indigenous Procurement Policy with Supply Nation’s newly established Indigenous Business Directory mandated as the first port of call for Federal Government Procurement teams to search for Indigenous business. During this time, states developed their own Aboriginal Procurement policies (such as the Aboriginal Participation in Construction Policy in NSW (or APIC) and soon, and some of Australia’s largest organizations began to establish their own Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP’s) to ensure greater procurement of Indigenous businesses.

*In 2019 BHP, Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metals, Qantas, Lend Lease, Westpac and CBA were among other companies to pledge AU $3 billion to Indigenous suppliers over the next five years. https://www.bca.com.au/_3_billion_boost_for_indigenous_businesses

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Why it’s important to choose Supply Nation Certified businesses

Because of Federal and State Government policy – particularly in construction – it is now mandatory that a pre-determined minimum percentage of total government funded project spend must be allocated to Aboriginal business and/or Aboriginal employment. Supply Nation Certified businesses, such as DCL Locksmiths & Security, are the preferred choice for procuring Aboriginal businesses – instead of Supply Nation Registered – as only Supply Nation Certified businesses have been determined to be majority Indigenous owned, managed and operated.

Why choose DCL as your procured Aboriginal business

As an established business that has been trading for over 40 years and majority Indigenous owned since 2003, DCL Locksmiths & Security is the only Supply Nation certified business in Australia with the capability to service the largest projects in construction and government in Australia. DCL is also the only Supply Nation Certified business that deals directly with all the leading hardware manufacturers and has SCEC Approved Locksmiths (including NV2 Level Clearance) to supply and service directly to government departments and agencies.

For FAQ’s about Supply Nation including the process of how a business is ‘Certified’ as and Aboriginal business, see the Supply Nation website at https://supplynation.org.au/resources/faqs/faqs-about-us/

BELOW: DCL staff at 'Connect 2019' Indigenous Business expo at the the ICC, Sydney.