JUNE 2019


Congratulations to John Mannering and the Projects Team at DCL who have been awarded the contract to supply the Master Key system and architectural door hardware for the $100 million Stage 3 & 4 Dubbo Hospital redevelopment with Hansen Yuncken and the NSW State Government. Hansen Yuncken have demonstrated their commitment to Indigenous procurement and, as a Supply Nation Certified and Indigenous owned business, we at DCL hope to work on many more projects with Hansen Yuncken on sites Australia wide.

In other news, DCL has been awarded the contract to provide electronic security solutions for a high-end secutrity project in Canberra with Lend Lease for the Australian Federal Government. DCL were chosen becasue they have SCEC approved locksmiths with AGSV NV Level 2 security clearance and because the Australian Federal government are committed to indigenous business procurement and support construction companies who choose Indigenous businesses.

Further proof that DCL Locksmiths & Security are the ideal choice for state or federal government funded projects Australia wide.

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 'The primary purpose of the policy is to stimulate indigenous entrepreneurship and business development, providing indigenous Australians with more opportunities to participate in the economy.' (Commenwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy)